A dynamo of creativity, Nachum has given me invaluable assistance on projects ranging from medical websites, medical apps, marketing, to being the brains behind a very, very difficult but successful mayoral victory. Nachum doesn’t think out the box, he lives out of the box! He can help with almost all facets of web design, advertising, video and save you TONS of cash and produce the highest quality products. Cant recommend anyone higher. An 11/10 recommendation. Dr. Efraim Rosenbaum

Physician, Medical Director and Medical Consultant, Leumit

I just finished an amazing 2 hour meeting with Nachum! He has such an amazing mix in depth knowledge of today`s technology together with a clear understanding of people and their natural strengths in business! I highly recommend him for anyone considering starting or advancing an online business!
Yitzchok Friedman

CEO, Eureka Israel Consultants

Nachum has conceived a powerful idea, at the right time, and brought together a great team at Qoof.com (Now ViewBix). I very much enjoyed working with Nachum and his team. Whereas my team and I were brought in to help Qoof achieve certain goals and deadlines and share our expertise, I walked away having learned from them in certain areas as well. I would certainly welcome the opportunity for another engagement with him/them. Jackie Goldstein

CEO, Renaissance Computer Systems Ltd.

Nachum is THE master of conceiving a great idea and marketing it to its full potential.  I had the pleasure of working with Nachum in the past and always enjoyed his sense of humor and wealth of knowledge on variety of topics. Nachum is a one of a kind entrepreneur and a marketing guy that you’ll always want on your side. Assaf Shami

CEO, RankAdvisor

Nachum is a creative force and fantastic at generating innovative ideas. One of the things that makes him special is his strong commitment to business ethics and “doing well by doing good.” We’ve collaborated on numerous projects together. Ben Wiener

Managing Partner, Jumpspeed Ventures

I hired Nachum as a consultant to help me get started with my podcast. With Nachum’s help I managed to launch the podcast in under 2 weeks! He went over and above what I expected and helped with every step including developing the brand and theme, which equipment I should purchase, and what music I should use. I had the privilege of spending many hours with Nachum and learned a tremendous amount not just about podcasting, but about business and marketing as well.
Daniel Gefen

Founder , JetVirtual Inc.

Nachum is a fellow entrepreneur that is a pioneer in every sense of the word. With his latest podcast venture, I have to say that I’ve done a lot of radio interviews, but this one is by far the most informative and productive, in terms of information value and content. The questions and presentation are right on. There’s some great personal advice in these podcasts that are being shared for the first time, specifically for the observant businessman (or woman). Now I have to listen to everything else on Frum Entrepreneur! I highly recommend Nachum, both as a start-up guru, and as a ‘mentsche’ of a person. Harry Moskoff

Founder, Moskoff Media/The Ark Report

Honest, reliable, hardworking, motivated, genuine, sincere, super-creative and original…. These are just some of the wonderful traits I think of when I think of Nachum Kligman. Nachum was able to negotiate a deal for TorahLive that ended up saving us thousands of dollars. What we couldn’t do in a couple of years Nachum was able to do in weeks. I am lucky to be counted as one of his friends.
Rabbi Dan Roth

Founder, TorahLive.com

My professional relationship with Nachum has exceeded all expectations, which were set high based on what I had heard about him. As a corporate leader, public speaker and business coach, his professional demeanor has proven to help shape the mindset and skill sets of many entrepreneurs, including myself. I have worked with Nachum in the past and look forward to doing so in the future. What amazes me most is his ability to find time in his busy schedule, which primarily consists of building success in the various companies with which he is involved, to share accurate and personalized advice, in a quick and precise manner. Avi Zuber

Android Developer, Meerkat

I am privileged to be working together with Nachum on the development of NextDor. He is a creative, driven and talented partner to work with when building a new business or developing a concept into a real company. If you are looking for someone to help you launch your concept Nachum is an excellent person to take it to the next level and beyond.
Chanan Kaufman

Founder & CEO, GoInspire

Nachum has visionary talents and provided positive input to the development of our company, and now that he has moved on, we are retaining him as a consultant. Ashley Lazarus

Award Winning Film Producer

PCS staff along with all the E-commerce Course students  would like to express their appreciation for your dedication and commitment in helping the community with its parnasah needs. Thank you for all the hours and effort which you have invested toward putting together your class.  It was very successful and has made a positive difference in the lives of the E-commerce students.. May Hashem repay you with much bracha and hatzlacha and give him the strength to continue assisting the klal. Mrs. Raizy Perl

Program Coordinator, Professional Career Services (PCS) A Division of Agudath Israel

Nachum’s advice, based on his experience in the for-profit world, helped me glean a tremendous amount of knowledge to create a highly professional non-for-profit organization. In a couple of hours I learned enough to keep me busy for weeks! Shimon Kaufman

Managing Director, Aish Israel

Nachum is one of the guys you need to know to succeed as a small business owner. He just knows where to go and what to do to get the job done. A creative, out of the box thinker, is the definition of this serial entrepreneur. He uses all the tools available in social media to let his audience and “groupies’ know what he is up to. He is willing to share, teach, and mentor others so they can develop their business ideas into a flourishing business. Nachum is a connector in every sense of the word. If he doesn’t know an answer, he will send you a resource to address it or a person to answer your questions. Esther (Elaine) Ohayon

Brand Manager , NuMark/Green Smoke

Because Nachum has a reputation for being professional, personable and approachable, I was eager to ask him for his advice on one of my ventures. The meeting proved to be invaluable and the advice he gave helped my venture succeed. Thank you, Nachum! Moe Mernick

Speaker & Author

Thank you for an informative and important seminar.  So many people came up to me afterwards to say how much they got out of the seminar.  Thank you for helping us help others to become successful. You should be continuously blessed for your efforts.
Mrs. Rachel Berger

Director of Employment, Nefesh B'Nefesh


Partial list of Companies and Organizations I have Founded or Co-Founded

My Podcast: The Frum Entrepreneur

Viral Social Media Pics I Created


I am passionate about taking ideas and bringing them to life. Whether my own or my clients, taking something from nothing and turning them into something real is like what mustaches are for Avi Zuber.


Selected Articles

Visiting Yad VaShem Before Disengagement

I went to Yad VaShem to prepare myself for Tisha B’Av, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the deportation of the Jews from Gaza. Visiting the new Yad VaShem with my wife and parents was supposed to help prepare us for the upcoming day of mourning, during which we reflect on all the tragedies that have befallen us throughout history. The problem was that everything I saw kept reminding me about the Jews of Gush Katif.

The G-D Factor: Is it hurting us internationally?

Warning: This Article is NOT going to be politically correct #dealwithit It frustrates me to no end when I see a headline with Kim Bi-Moon declaring 172 Palestinians Deaths VS 0 deaths for Israeli’s. As if this is an unfair boxing match with Mike Tyson in his prime fighting against a defenseless 5th grader. The lack of deaths of Jews is not from a lack of trying on Hamas’s part. Believe me, with every rocket they launch they are looking to spill as much Jewish blood as they can.

Am I a Racist?

It’s now been about five weeks since my wife, daughter and I made aliyah on the historic Nefesh B’Nefesh flight. I can’t say enough about how wonderful our experience has been and how welcoming the people of Israel have been. We have found a heart-filling happiness that we just didn’t have in the U. S. Without trying, we feel an amazing inner peace and that we are truly home.

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